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At My Absolute Beauty, we don’t just simply arm you with the best supplies available on the market, we train the beauty professionals who use them. Whether you are a beginner or have been a cosmetologist for decades, you can hone your skills at one of our lash lift training sessions or microblading, tinting, or semi-permanent makeup certification courses. The industry’s experts give you online training that allows you to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, making you competitive in the growing beauty industry. Browse all of our available courses today!


  • Who can attend the online courses?

    Everyone is welcome to join MAB ACADEMY’s online courses. Our courses require no previous experience, and both beginners and professionals can apply.

  • Why to choose online courses?

    Online courses are an easy step-by-step process that allows you to develop your skills at your own pace from the comfort of your home. You will be responsible for your learning as you use our platform to develop the skills and techniques. This training does not provide you with models, so you will be responsible for this too. After you have completed the online training you will be able to apply for certification.

  • How can I purchase the needed products after the course?

    We have an online store for all our students to purchase any and all supplies they will need after each course. Please check to find out more about our product offers.

  • Do you offer kits with your online trainings?

    Yes, we do have courses with kit included. Please check INLEI® | brow bomber lamination | webinar | kit , InLei® | lash lift + filler & tint | webinar | kit , purHENNA® | brow henna | free online training | kit and certificate.

  • Are your courses refundable?

    Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on online courses because you have already received all of the information and the knowledge so essentially you would be getting it for free regardless of whether you have completed the course or not.

  • If I have any questions, is it ok to ask them even after I have completed the course?

    Yes, of course! We like to help as much as we can, but unfortunately we cannot offer this as a 24/7 service so if you have messaged out of hours please try and be patient waiting for a response. That's the same for weekends.